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Executive Management
Gavin Rennick

Gavin Rennick

Vice President – Human Resources

Gavin Rennick is vice president of Human Resources, a position he assumed in February 2019. Prior to his current position, he was president of Software Integrated Solutions and held various corporate and operations management roles, including integration manager for the Cameron International merger; vice president Drilling Products; GeoMarket Manager for Australia, New Zealand, and Papua New Guinea; and human resources manager for Drilling & Measurements. In addition, Rennick held a number of technical and management positions in operations, human resources, and technology development in Malaysia, United States, France, Norway, and Australia. He joined Schlumberger in 1998 as a directional services drilling engineer in Saudi Arabia.

Rennick earned bachelor’s degrees in electrical engineering and business administration, both from the University of Western Australia.

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