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Information regarding our logistics system used in different locations in the world

Important message from Schlumberger to Logistics Carriers operating in the following countries: Norway, Denmark, Trinidad & Tobago, Guyana, Suriname, Barbados, Colombia, and Peru

In the following weeks (date to be communicated shortly) the current logistics system TMS ROW, used in the countries listed above, will be replaced by the logistics system OTM. This logistics system is already in use by Schlumberger in North America and Ecuador as of April 2019. All logistics transactions between Carriers and Schlumberger will be managed and performed in the OTM system. Carriers will receive new tenders and the Carrier will be responsible to invoice Schlumberger via this new logistics system.

To learn more about how to use OTM, please review the Carrier demonstration video on this page. If you need further details on the logistics carriers’ tasks and responsibilities in OTM, please see the training documents below that explain the process step by step.

For questions or concerns, please contact the Schlumberger Logistics team.

For information regarding your vendor invoices and OTM payment, visit MySupplier Portal (MSP).

Important message from Schlumberger for Logistics Carriers operating in countries other than the ones specifically mentioned above:

There are no changes to the Logistics system currently in place today.

OTM Carrier Demonstration
Carrier process and OTM benefits, tasks, and demonstrations

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