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Our Code of Conduct

The Schlumberger Blue Print in Action – Our Code of Conduct applies to all Schlumberger directors, officers, and employees of the company. This practical guide is designed to help each employee handle business situations professionally and fairly. It explains how our actions reflect on the company and how the company is therefore the sum of our actions. The Blue Print in Action reinforces The Blue Print – Our Identity, which defines us as a company and outlines Our Purpose, Ambitions, Values, and Mindset. This document is designed to assist employees in understanding and applying these elements for Schlumberger to continue its success in today's increasingly complex and competitive oil and gas industry.

Together these documents help employees to live up to the superior standards that have made Schlumberger the world's leading oilfield services company.

The Schlumberger Blue Print in Action – Our Code of Conduct is reviewed periodically and amended as appropriate.

Notice Regarding Updated Schlumberger Blue Print in Action – Our Code of Conduct

As of May 2018, we are amending the 2013 Code of Conduct to reflect the work Schlumberger is doing as part of its Global Stewardship program. In particular, we have expanded on:

  • Our continued commitment to Human Rights (Contributing to Development and Communities Worldwide, page 25). For additional details, please reference our Human Rights page.
  • Our antidiscrimination stance (Embracing Diversity, and Equality, page 25).
  • Our expectation of contractors, suppliers, and agents to avoid using conflict minerals in sourcing activities (Dealing with Suppliers, page 10).

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