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Technology for a Sustainable Future

Science, technology, expertise, and experience to optimize operations and solve energy industry challenges towards a sustainable future

A domain-driven ecosystem that automates and optimizes E&P performance. A rich network of global collaborators with a shared vision for solving the industry’s technology challenges. Groundbreaking digital capabilities that enhance efficiency across technology development, manufacturing and lifecycle management.

This is the future of E&P innovation. This is Technology4.0.

Schlumberger is raising the benchmark for continuous innovation. Our technology development, manufacturing, and lifecycle management teams work seamlessly to transform the toughest E&P challenges into groundbreaking technology solutions. By applying our full scope of expertise, we ensure innovation makes it from our Technology Centers to where it matters most: into the hands of our customers.

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With Technology4.0, Schlumberger goes beyond digital enablement to realize the full promise of automated and optimized products and services.

At Schlumberger, we understand that technology is only as valuable as its operational impact. We continuously optimize every solution, large and small, to anticipate the evolving needs of our customers and industry. Digital and domain expertise fuels this innovation loop at every stage, from design, development, and deployment through testing and optimizations that begin the cycle again.

A Next-Level Digital Foundation

Our experts are leaders in the digital forces shaping the world. We use robust real-time data and domain expertise to drive every decision, bringing together technology development, manufacturing, and lifecycle management applications like never before.

True innovation is greater than the sum of its parts. Working from a strong digital foundation, our teams transform the cloud, big data, user experience, and cybersecurity into E&P solutions that move the needle for our customers. We craft customized end-to-end workflows and integrated systems to enhance efficiency and reliability. We leverage the power and storage elasticity of the cloud, the efficiency of high-performance computing, and the connectivity of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to create technologies tailored to each domain’s biggest challenges. To close the feedback loop, we deploy digitally enabled equipment that monitors health, automates processes, and optimizes performance for each location's environment and geography.

These next-level innovations are only possible when data and expertise are combined to craft domain-driven digital solutions.

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Technology4.0 in Action
The DELFI cognitive E&P environment is a secure, cloud-based space that harnesses data, scientific knowledge, and domain expertise to fundamentally change the way of working across the E&P value chain.
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Innovation Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts

To maximize efficiency and impact, our teams combine engineering competencies with a deep understanding of the domain. Schlumberger places brilliant technologists in the field, empowering them to gather on-the-ground insights that maximize impact for every solution and every customer.

Working in our Technology Centers, Schlumberger engineering teams use the latest sensors, electronics, and robotics technologies and the most recent modeling and prototyping techniques to deliver highly innovative and reliable products. Leveraging IIoT technologies, embedded intelligence, big data science, and cloud processing, our engineers transform the latest technologies into domain-driven solutions that deliver superior operational efficiency and performance for our customers.

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Technology Lab Environment

In an industry as dynamic as oil and gas, there are no “average” problems and no “easy” fixes. Our technology-minded manufacturing team rises to the challenge, meeting complex challenges with advanced solutions designed for each technology’s specifications. Working closely with our design and engineering teams, these experts ensure we build technology with unparalleled precision, striking the perfect blend of quality and flexibility every time.

With capabilities ranging from crafting perforating charges to building nuclear detectors, our manufacturing team applies cutting-edge technology and robust knowledge to meet the market’s evolving demands. We use modern manufacturing practices, digital technologies, and automated solutions to fuel continuous process improvements in every manufacturing center.

Equipment may leave our Technology Centers, but it never leaves our care. Schlumberger maintains technology through every stage in its lifecycle, using advanced digital capabilities to distribute maintenance and keep each equipment linked to our centers for technical support.

Our technology lifecycle management team integrates data with our robust operations, maintenance, and Technology Centers capabilities. The result is technology that is reliable, delivered on time, and consistently operating at peak performance, with intelligent maintenance that improves in-field asset utilization.

Technology Manufacturing Environment
People Who Redefine What Is Possible
We encourage the brightest minds to push the limits of what is possible: exploring new ideas, challenging conventions, and driving true innovation together. Our people consistently rise to this challenge. Working in agile environments, our experts skillfully design, validate, and test new concepts using the latest advances in disciplines such as AI, machine learning, and IIoT—transforming data into actionable insights and optimized solutions.
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Collaboration That Fuels Progress

Collaboration is a cornerstone of Technology4.0. Our community is home to a diverse team of experts who employ the latest developments in science, technology, and engineering to craft data-driven solutions. Whether creating venues for high-level technical discussions within our organization or fostering collaboration across academic, professional, and technology communities worldwide, Schlumberger unites leading experts behind a common ecosystem of collaboration and innovation.

Academic & Community Collaborators

To capitalize on innovation in every industry, we synthesize ideas with experts in worldwide symposiums and forums on digital and scientific advances. Our academic partners bring the best in research and skill development, which we combine with our domain expertise to amplify the development of next-generation technology for the oil and gas industry.

Technology Partners

From Silicon Valley to emerging technology hubs around the world, our experts are on the leading edge of innovation. Together with global partners, we leverage the latest in AI, the cloud, high-performance computing, machine learning, IIoT, and other next-generation technologies to solve critical oil and gas challenges.

Technology Spotlight

Driven by robust data and domain expertise, our interdisciplinary teams tackle E&P's most critical challenges from all angles. Each solution is deeply tailored to the current market reality and continually optimized to shape the horizon.

CemFIT Heal

Flexible self-healing cement system

Ensure zonal integrity for the life of the well with a flexible cement system that, if damaged, repairs itself on contact with oil or gas.


MEMS gyro-while-drilling service

Survey at any inclination, at any depth, and at higher latitudes without changing batteries or recalibrating between runs.


Well testing live performance

Equip wellsite personnel for real-time data access and communication.


Instrumented docking perforating gun system

Optimize productivity by integrating plug-in guns with real-time advanced downhole measurements, increasing perforating safety, reliability, and efficiency.

Reservoir Laboratories

Comprehensive physical and digital rock and fluid analysis services

Make timely reservoir decisions with accurate, precise results from our services, technologies, and expertise.


Unconventional reservoir completion services

Maximize oil and gas production and recovery with optimized fracturing technology and efficient, data-driven operations.

Production Chemicals

Maximized production from reservoir to refinery

More safely improve and assure production with chemistry technologies, software, and mechanical solutions.

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