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The Schlumberger Foundation is an independent nonprofit entity that supports science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education. Since its inception, the Foundation has focused on funding a variety of programs in scientific educational all over the world.

Recognizing the link between science, technology, and socioeconomic development as well as the role of education in realizing individual potential, we developed Faculty for the Future, our flagship program

Faculty of the Future member teaching women about Schlumberger.

This powerful community of women—geographically separated but connected by STEM advancement—grows every year.

Faculty for the Future participants on a safari in Abu Dhabi.

Faculty for the Future

Launched in 2004, Faculty for the Future provides funding for women from emerging economies to advance PhD and postdoctoral studies in STEM fields at the best universities and faculties overseas.

To address the gender gap in STEM disciplines, the program selects the most talented female scientists, provides them a unique opportunity to develop their skills, and grants them vital international experience and networking.

By returning home and continuing to pursue STEM advancement, they become leaders, change agents, policy makers, and role models who inspire other girls and women to pursue scientific careers.

Grant Recipients
Schlumberger Foundation Call for Applications for the 2020-2021 Faculty for the Future Fellowships
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Schlumberger Foundation Awards 2019-2020 Faculty for the Future Fellowships for Women in STEM
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Impact of the Faculty for the Future Program
Schlumberger Foundation's flagship program

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