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Application Process FAQs
Answers to questions encountered while applying for a Fellowship


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Which form should I use if I applied in the past but have not been selected?

Use the New Application form, not the Renewal Grant form.

When should I apply?

You are eligible to apply when the application session opens in September up until mid-November. As an example timeline, if you apply to a host university during 2019 and receive a grant from the Schlumberger Foundation (results of which will be announced at the end of March 2020), it is valid until spring 2021, by which time you must have begun your studies in the host university of your choice.

Is it necessary to have an official English translation of my documents, such as my diploma and letter of admittance? No. Is it necessary to make notarial attestations? No. How do I upload files?

Go to the Upload Doc tab in your online application form.

What makes a strong application?

The best applications come from eligible applicants pursuing PhD and postdoctorate programs that have fully developed high-quality responses, particularly the personal essay and research proposal statements. Strong applications also demonstrate evidence of the candidate’s commitment to returning to and teaching in their home country. Unfortunately, we cannot directly correspond with candidates about why they were not selected, as there are many well-qualified applicants every year competing for a limited number of awards.

After submission, can I still modify my application?

No. Once it has been submitted, it can no longer be modified. When you submit your application, your references will receive a notification e-mail requesting them to fill out a reference letter on your behalf.

When will I be informed of the selection results?

The awards announcement is available on the application website by the end of March. Both new-award and renewal applicants will then receive a personal e-mail. Unsuccessful applicants will receive a formal letter by the end of April.

How do I ask a question?

For any other questions, e-mail us.

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