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Ranaa Riyamy
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Ranaa Riyamy


Ranaa Riyamy is vice president of the Integrated Services group of Schlumberger’s Integrated Project Management organization, based in London, United Kingdom. She is in charge of streamlining service delivery through the provision of trained project managers that serve as the conduit for technical and operational integration between Schlumberger’s specialist services divisions, oil and gas company clients, and various third parties. Her ultimate goal is the execution of safe operations with high operational efficiency and low non-productive time, particularly in complex oilfield projects such those in deep water and remote operational environments.

Ranaa joined Schlumberger in 1997 as a well engineer, initially working in Gabon, followed by projects in Canada and Ecuador. She was then appointed to a regional career development role in human resources, based in Dubai. Her next job was in the company’s drilling and measurements division in Indonesia, where her role was to develop the market for providing customers with fit-for-purpose drilling and logging-while-drilling solutions. Her career then took her into the Caspian region as country manager for all Schlumberger operations in Azerbaijan. Her latest job prior to taking on her current position was as the company’s drilling and measurements operations manager for Qatar and Yemen.

She has a BA in Humanities and Mathematics from the Colorado School of Mines, United States, and an MSc in Petroleum Engineering from Imperial College, London. Ranaa joined the board in 2007 to get immersed in the full breadth of the Foundation’s educational outreach in developing countries. Ranaa takes special interest in identifying and promoting sponsorship for talented women with the potential to have direct impact and footprint in their home country upon graduation. Presented with such a privileged opportunity to elevate the social and academic standing of deserving postgraduate women within their home country, Ranaa is keen for the Foundation to promote networking and be the enabler for their success.

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