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Load Anchor

Metal-to-metal liner hanger anchor

Load Anchor Metal-to-Metal Anchor
Rated up to 13,400 psi [92 MPa]
Rated to 320 degF [160 degC]
Rated up to 1,300,000 lbf [5.796 MN]

Support heavy axial loads and reduce thermal expansion loads in extended-reach wells

Remove excessive compression and tensile loading from the hanger and tieback seal, extending their use by deploying the metal-to-metal load anchor. 

The load anchor is set against the previous casing above or below the hanger to mange the compression load. It can also be used to prevent movement of the tieback casing to help maintain the integrity of traditional seal stacks and PBR systems.

Meet well integrity requirements with metal-to-metal connections

As a part of the COLOSSUS M2M metal-to-metal expandable liner hanger system portfolio, the load anchor system provides full metal-to-metal anchoring of tieback casing, effectively enabling the use of conventional liner hanger equipment that would otherwise be unable to support the heavy axial loads. 

The unique Metalmorphology metal-to-metal sealing and anchoring technology shapes metal downhole so it conforms perfectly to the shape of the upper casing string.

Load Anchor Metal-to-Metal Anchor