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Brazil 17th and 7th Bidding Rounds

Image post- and presalt targets to improve your prospectivity assessments and field development decisions

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Image post- and presalt targets for the upcoming bid rounds

In 2021, the Brazilian National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas, and Biofuels (ANP) will conduct the 17th Bidding Round and the 7th Production-Sharing Bidding Round. The bid rounds offer attractive exploration and development opportunities to tap into underexplored areas challenged by structural and stratigraphic complexity. New technological improvements now make it more effective to image post- and presalt targets.

17th Bidding Round

This bid round offers 92 offshore exploratory blocks across four Brazilian sedimentary basins—Campos, Pelotas, Potiguar, and Santos—totaling 54,000 km2.

7th Production-Sharing Bidding Round

This bid round will cover three blocks in the prolific Santos and Campos Basins, highly prospective deepwater basins with post- and presalt exploration plays.

Santos and Campos Basin, offshore Brazil
The 7th Production-Sharing Bidding Round offers blocks across the Aguá Marinha area in the Campos Basin and the Ágata and Esmeralda areas in the Santos Basin.

2D seismic and poststack 3D merge data is now available in the southeastern margin of Brazil.

Improve your regional understanding of the central margin of Brazil

Bid round blocks in the Santos and Campos Basins have structural and stratigraphic complexities that require high-quality seismic imaging technologies to illuminate key structural features of the reservoir. 

WesternGeco, in a joint venture with TGS, has more than 158,000 km of prestack depth migration (isotropic and tilted transverse isotropy) 2D data available in the southeastern margin of Brazil—covering the Espírito Santo, Campos, Santos, and Pelotas Basins.

Discover the full potential of Brazil’s prolific basins with a single volume

WesternGeco has produced an extensive regional program that enables basinwide evaluation of the exploration potential of the prolific Santos and Campos Basins. The Southern Brazil Regional Post Stack merge project has merged 54 3D NAZ seismic surveys across approximately 100,000 km2. WesternGeco’s imaging workflows produced a consistent and reliable seismic image across the region using geologically constrained velocity models. The poststack depth volume provides an extensive regional view of the complex Santos and Campos Basins, including the prolific fields in Brazil’s 2021 Second Transfer of Rights Surplus Production-Sharing Bidding Round.