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Decarbonize drilling and completions

Build upstream oil and gas infrastructure with a lower carbon footprint

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Reducing the footprint of oil and gas operations

Driving down emissions and producing oil and gas with the lowest carbon intensity has quickly become a critical performance measure. Achieving these objectives begins with building your infrastructure with the lowest carbon footprint possible. This involves creating more efficiencies, using low-carbon consumables, designing your operations with less physical footprint, and minimizing waste.

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Transition Technologies™: decarbonize your infrastructure

By understanding your performance goals, we'll help you drive efficiency and reliability while reducing your carbon footprint.

Our Transition Technologies are proved to quantifiably reduce both direct greenhouse gas emissions and embodied carbon. By partnering together, we'll find the best solutions for both decarbonizing and your business objectives.

How we help customers drive down greenhouse gas emissions

Reduce the carbon footprint of consumables. Fluids and other materials used in well construction contribute significantly to its carbon footprint, including Scope 3 CO2e emissions. Low-emission product design and manufacturing can reduce environmental impact, and we're here to assist.

Drive drilling efficiency. Improving operational efficiency lowers fuel consumption and consequently reduces related emissions. Our Transition Technologies are proved to accelerate well construction by improving drilling efficiency and optimizing rig power generation.

Minimize waste. Waste handling, transport, and treatment can also add significantly to your well's carbon footprint. Minimizing your waste generation means less transport and less emissions due to these no longer necessary requirements.

Achieve even more with low-carbon completions. Minimizing impact doesn't stop at drilling. Our portfolio of Transition Technologies includes industry-leading stimulation technologies and completions that reduce emissions while maximizing reservoir contact with a smaller environmental footprint. 

Minimize Well Construction CO2 Footprint
Decarbonize drilling operations with proven impact-reducing technologies
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Get tailored solutions specific to your rig

To help you achieve systematic impacts, our end-to-end approach to drilling emissions management focuses on planning, monitoring, and innovation. Our experienced teams can design a rig- and operation-specific emissions monitoring and reduction approach using cost-effective solutions. By gaining control over your drilling emissions, you can make significant progress toward your sustainability goals.


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The technologies featured on this page are part of our Transition Technologies portfolio. Explore how these differentiated products and services support oil and gas decarbonization across the E&P value chain.

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