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Production composite log service

Determine liquid flow rate and water cut at any time

The PCL production composite log service—a real-time production flow rate analysis service—is an interpretation service for electric submersible pumps (ESPs), providing high-frequency liquid flow rate and water-cut calculations. Available for any brand of ESP, the service is especially useful for wells requiring back allocation or reservoir pressure monitoring and wells with intermittent production. With a dedicated team to analyze and interpret data, historical logs, and regular updates, this service monitors well performance for the life of the ESP.

Once calibrated, the proprietary flow rate calculation algorithm is valid at any point on the pump curve. This helps to optimize testing costs by reducing the required frequency of physical testing. The liquid rate can be calculated even in the presence of phase segregation during startup and slugging, which is typically caused by high gas volume fraction (GVF).

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ESP data is transmitted to the PCL service engine, which generates flow rates that form the basis of reservoir performance measurements that operators can use to improve well and field performance.
PCL Production Composite Log Service Full Width
Production Flow Rate Analysis

Monitor reservoir and inflow performance in challenging conditions

In waterfloods, calculated water cut can be used to estimate incremental reserves for each well, and reservoir pressure can be monitored without buildup, even on low-mobility wells with long transients and intermittent production. Reservoir flow regimes can also be identified on wells with rapidly changing flow rate and pressure, such as unconventional wells.

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