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Power Analysis and Project Management

Advanced surface power and control solutions

Maximize production with advanced surface power and control

Since 1976, specialists in advanced surface power, monitoring, and control at the Schlumberger Edmonton Product Center (EPC) have focused on power systems analysis, project engineering, data delivery, acquisition units, motor controllers, and skid-mounted systems. The project engineering group offers

  • engineering design
  • project management
  • commissioning of supplied equipment
  • onshore and offshore power system studies
  • design and assembly of all engineered skid and module-supply packages.

The EPC also provides innovative and advanced solutions for the control, automation, remote monitoring, and electrical protection of electric submersible pump (ESP) installations.

Reduce power costs

With projects performed in petroleum, mining, petrochemical, industrial, and utility sectors throughout the world, Schlumberger uses field measurements and computer modeling to analyze power systems, make recommendations, and deliver custom products, such as filters and power factor correction capacitor banks, enabling the efficient and economic use of electrical power. Final reports detail the voltage, current, and power factor at various locations in the system.

The power systems analysis database serves as the basis for improving system performance and power quality—reducing power costs and providing a reliable supply of power during system operation.

Power Analysis and Project Management
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