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Variable speed drive

NEMA 3R rated (outdoor), standard compliance with UL-508
Built-in 6-pulse diode only
12-gauge carbon steel enclosure
Operating ambient temperatures: 14 to 122 degF [–10 to 50 degC]
98% efficiency at all loads and speeds

Reduce change out of pump components

The VariStar variable-speed drive (VSD) is specifically tailored for controlling and protecting ESPs and surface pumps. Available in several models, the VariStar VSD can be used with both surface pumping systems and ESPs. For submersible motors used at extreme depths, the VariStar VSD offers an automated plug-and-play sine wave drive (SWD) with a harmonic output filter that eliminates problems related to resonance. The output voltage wave form is similar to that of a true sine wave and thus results in less voltage stress and a longer life for the motor, cable, and other electrical components.

VSDs enable pumps to perform across a wider operating range by varying their speed. A unit’s optimum performance can be preset or automatically adjusted to avoid no-flow and cycling conditions. The VariStar VSD reduces the need to change out pump components as operating conditions change, thereby reducing downtime and operating costs and contributing to a longer system run life.

VariStar variable speed drives are now part of Sensia.
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Enhance system performance

The VariStar VSD provides stat-of-the-art motor control incorporating advanced digital pulse-width modulation (PWM) flux vector control that ensures constant speed and torque. It also provides for higher torque per amp, less motor heating, and reduced torque pulsation. Current sensing using a Hall-effect high-frequency-response current transformer ensures motor stability.

The VariStar VSD increases a system's power factor substantially over one driven with a fixed-speed drive, and it decreases a system's electrical stress at startup to as low as 1.5 times the operating motor current. Each size is heat-run-tested at full load and maximum ambient temperature to ensure proper operation at maximum rating. 

VariStar VSD
A 200-kVA [241-A] VariStar VSD with sine wave harmonic output filter compartment at bottom of cabinet and optional light receptacle package.
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