Integrated wireline and slickline systems for reliable, efficient conveyance

An integrated wireline conveyance system.
An integrated wireline conveyance system.

Extend wireline conveyance to every possible well configuration and environment

Increasingly complex well geometries and extended well depths present growing challenges for conveyance. Deep and highly deviated wells that pose safety and logistics concerns and wells that were not previously wireline accessible benefit from using an integrated wireline conveyance system. The integration of all conveyance components—from the surface equipment through the cable—enables wireline conveyance rather than conventional drillpipe or coiled tubing conveyance.


Improve safety, efficiency, reliability, and sticking avoidance with a conveyance solution for every well environment

High-pull wireline conveyance system


Improve operational reliability and efficiency while reducing well control risks and maintenance-related logistics and cost

Polymer-locked wireline cable

Extreme-performance polymer-locked wireline cable

Torque-balanced composite wireline cable


The most comprehensive wireline tractor portfolio—any well, anywhere, any conveyance

Wireline tractor

Intelligent extreme wireline tractor

Openhole evaluation wireline tractor

Openhole completion wireline tractor

Reciprocating wireline tractor


Well access and release devices for improved reliability

Wireline inline release device

Electronically controlled cable release device

Low-friction well-access accessories

Angled hole finder and tool taxi