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Flowback and Well Testing

Measure to improve field productivity

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Man in hardhat working with surface testing equipment.

Dynamically monitor production and sustain productivity

Flowback is necessary for initial well cleanup, to remove fluids that were introduced to the well and any debris that accumulated in the wellbore. The produced fluids are collected for recycling or disposal.

But beyond this necessary task, once the well has been cleaned up, well testing can be conducted. The choke pressure is managed to flow the wellstream of reservoir fluid, typically to a three-phase separator to measure the flow rate of each component: gas, oil, and produced water.

Diagnose and profile with certainty

Well testing enables making key production measurements such as flow rate, fluid properties and composition, pressure, and temperature at live well conditions. From this basis you can better understand downhole conditions to

  • diagnose well problems and resolve mechanical issues to restore flow and protect assets
  • interpret data from multiple wells to form a comprehensive picture of change across the reservoir
  • accurately profile produced fluids as they flow.

You can rely on our production testing expertise for leveraging your well test to identify improvements, increase efficiency, and focus your field investment.

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