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Mud removal and spacer fluids

Remove drilling fluids prior to cementing operations and achieve long-term zonal isolation

Mud removal and spacer fluids.

Effective drilling-fluid removal is a prerequisite for primary cementing success. Mud left in the wellbore prevents effective isolation. This can result in stimulation out of zone, production of unwanted fluids, loss of hydrocarbons to low-pressure zones, sustained casing pressure, underground blowouts, or casing corrosion.

Remove mud with 3D mud displacement simulator

  • CEMENTICS zonal isolation software features a 3D-aperture mud displacement simulator that couples in-pipe mixing with annular displacement and accounts for casing rotation, reciprocation, and the azimuthal gradient effect, which is critical in deviated and horizontal wells. The 3D-aperture module incorporates a stiff-string centralization model that simulates angle orientation in the wellbore.
  • WELLCLEAN III pipe and annular mud displacement simulator using a soft-string centralization model is also available.

Ensure proper zonal isolation

The Schlumberger team helps you improve mud displacement through spacer and cement design. MUDPUSH cementing spacer family provide the required rheology and displacement regime for proper mud removal.

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