Ultrasonic cement and casing evaluation

Well integrity evaluation on wireline

SLB-stylized render of intelligent cement and casing evaluation

Confirming zonal isolation, centralization, and cement bond quality

Intelligent ultrasonic services provide high-resolution azimuthal maps of the cement bond or other barrier material between the casing and the formation in real time. Our high-resolution azimuthal coverage identifies cement channels as small as 5°—revealing potential leaks that are undetectable with traditional cement bond log (CBL) and segmented bond tools. Ultrasonic measurements also identify corrosion- and drilling-induced wear by measuring the inside diameter and thickness of the casing. So you can fully characterize well integrity and make better, faster decisions.

Our portfolio of ultrasonic service options provides greater certainty by extending well integrity evaluation options to a wide range of applications.

  • Light and foam cements
  • Contaminated cements
  • Alternative barrier materials
  • Heavy fluids (up to 19 lbm/galUS)
  • Large casing sizes (up to 22-in ID and 1-in thick)
  • Chrome casings
  • Azimuthal resolution up to 5°

Turn insights into action

Intelligent cement and casing evaluation delivers insights in hours instead of days. With built-in autonomous processing, your data are analyzed automatically and in real time—while the tools are still downhole. And interactive online reports ensure timely, confident decision making.

Redefine what’s possible in cement evaluation with connected, intelligent system-level optimization.

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Wellbore Insights
Isolation Scanner.

Fully characterize well integrity

Isolation Scanner™ cement evaluation services delivers a combination of independent measurements that fully characterizes the annular environment, differentiating low-density solids from liquids to distinguish lightweight and contaminated cements from liquids. Its azimuthal coverage provides an answer around the entire circumference of the casing, pinpointing any channels in the cement and confirming the effectiveness of the annular barrier for zonal isolation.

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PowerFlex and PowerEcho annular barrier evaluation services

Confidence in any environment

PowerFlex™ and PowerEcho™ annular barrier evaluation services significantly extend the operating range of ultrasonic cement and casing measurement to provide certainty for drilling, cementing, well integrity evaluation, and well abandonment operations. This powerful family of services answers the need for robust, reliable data to confirm annular content, bond status, centralization, and casing condition—especially for the growing number of wells with heavy well fluids and large-diameter, thick-walled casings where conventional ultrasonic tools do not give reliable results. PowerFlex and PowerEcho evaluation services deliver proven performance in mud weights exceeding 19 lbm/galUS and casings up to a diameter of 22 in and thickness of 1 in.

Enabled by Wellbore Insights on Delfi

Often, the clear picture from wellbore data only appears once processed data are put into context. Sometimes you don’t know if you met your data-acquisition objectives until after the window of opportunity has passed. Other times, you may be waiting on an answer to plan your next operational steps. Wellbore Insights on Delfi™ provides advanced interpretation and contextualization of data in real time, so you can make better, faster decisions. Interpretation workflows that took days are now completed in hours.