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Geothermal exploration consulting services

Cost-effectively minimizing geothermal resource risks

Geothermal exploration.

Subsurface characterization you can count on

Every successful geothermal project starts with a multidisciplinary exploration campaign with the right blend of techniques and data collection—typically including literature searches, boots-on-the-ground reconnaissance, and detailed geological, geochemical, and geophysical (3G) surveys. For decades, our GeothermEx™ geothermal consulting services have been used to recommend field-specific combinations of techniques and appropriate data coverage, also advising on logistics and budgets as they are necessary parts of the exploration planning and execution process.

Data collection is one thing—understanding what the exploration results tell us about the geothermal resource is another. Drawing from hands-on experience with the design and evaluation of hundreds of exploration programs around the world, we use a combination of proprietary and industry-leading tools to objectively analyze collected data. We use the results to build conceptual resource models and then test those concepts against the exploration database and modify accordingly.

Our conceptual models inform the drilling program, providing multiple well siting and targeting options and the flexibility to select the best among them. We keep it straightforward and simple, while maintaining a robust underpinning of data and geothermal-specific expertise.

Geothermal exploration across multiple geologic and thermal domains

Our global reach in geothermal exploration spans the globe—from remote island locations to the middle of major continents. Our 50 years of experience gives us the know-how to evaluate any potential geothermal system.

GeothermEx services have been involved in 70% of all operating geothermal power projects worldwide.

Trusted insight based on practical exploration programs and objective analyses

Did you know that the "Ex" in "GeothermEx" means "exploration"? Geothermal project success begins at the exploration stage.  And we can help.

By your side every step of exploration

Used in 80% of worldwide operating geothermal projects, GeothermEx services leverage a tried-and-true methodology to evaluate viable geothermal sites. We have a wide range of exploration consulting services.

Geologic mapping and wellsite geology
Fluid geochemistry
Geophysical data synthesis and integration
Temperature-gradient drilling
Planning and permitting
Detailed analysis of exploration data
Conceptual resource modeling