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Production Improvement

Revive oil and gas production after normal or unusual declines

Schlumberger Oilfield Services

Revive production with techniques that match the root cause of your declines

Production decline is a normal part of reservoir flow, but when the decline doesn't match realistic simulations and expectations, you can choose from technologies that help you improve or restore well productivity. A holistic approach may be required to get to the root cause of your production declines—or you may find an easy diagnosis with a simple fluid analysis. 

It's possible to manage production declines—even in unconventional wells known for a steep drop in production—and revive flagging wells with new remediation technologies. The first step, however, is to understand the mechanism behind your declines. For example, if you're considering a refracturing program, you can maximize efficiency by first studying where the original completion fell short.  

Similarly, transitioning your artificial lift strategy may be an option to manage lower oil rates, but if the rates are low because you're producing with slug flow, you might have better results with technology that can help you manage gas and solids production. 

Schlumberger worker using FracCAT fracturing computer-aided treatment system while looking at monitors on rigsite.

Improve production by stimulating low- and ultralow-permeablity reservoirs.

Reducing Skin and Plugging

Restore your connection to the reservoir with production enhancement technologies that reduce skin and remove damaging solids and deposits.

  • P3 postperforating treatment strips material that is trapped inside perforation tunnels.
    Postperforating treatment

    Remove debris from existing perforations in permeable rocks and increase productivity or injectivity. View

  • Interior of an SLB production chemicals laboratory.
    Oil and Gas Production Chemicals and Services
    Maximize production from reservoir to refinery

    Improve and assure production more safely with chemistry technologies, software, and mechanical solutions. View

  • Acidizing Services
    Acidizing Services
    Achieve carbonate well economics with efficient acid stimulation

    Enhance well production from carbonate wells with efficient fracture or matrix stimulation operations that extend reservoir contact, even in deep, hot wells. View

  • AllSeal service integrates chemistry, geology, operations, economics, and logistics to reduce or eliminate water and gas production for a particular well or field.
    Water and gas conformance service

    Manage or shut off water and gas production with application-specific permeability modifiers, chemical blocks, or cements. View

  • ACTive family of services illustration.
    Real-Time Downhole Measurements
    Real-time downhole coiled tubing services

    Improve intervention effectiveness with real-time downhole measurements. View

Lifting Efficiently

Increase production with minimal capex by selecting systems that best suit your technical and economic constraints.

  • Lift IQ Production Life Cycle Management Service
    Lift IQ
    Production life cycle management service

    Monitor and diagnose equipment, well, and reservoir problems with a service suited for all artificial lift systems. View

  • HEAL Horizontal Enhanced Artificial Lift System
    Optimizing Artificial Lift
    Software, production chemicals, and increasingly autonomous services for optimal artificial lift operations

    Overcome production challenges with offerings designed to maximize flow for your specific environment and well condition. View

Stop Unwanted Water and Gas Production

Shut off perforations or zones to convert a production well into an injection or water disposal well or restore hydrocarbon production after water or gas breakthrough.

  • PosiSet mechanical plugback tool.
    Mechanical plugback tool

    Achieve rigless through-tubing recompletions and effectively plug back zones with a firm elastomer seal. View

  • Perforation Shutoff Using Expandable Internal Casing Patches: Web page
    Perforation Shutoff Using Expandable Internal Casing Patches

    Field-proven, sustainable, lower-cost alternative to cement squeezing using a rig, snubbing unit, or CT. View