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Reducing your footprint with innovative technologies—all function, no flare

Despite advances in efficiency and sustainability, gas flaring persists in oilfield operations. But with innovations comes the opportunity for new ways forward. The inevitable nature of flaring is changing, and your operations can change with it.

SLB is leading the way to eliminate the need for flaring, and when it can’t be avoided, maximize combustion efficiency to minimize emissions. Take on routine and nonroutine flaring with confidence using intelligent solutions built around your business. Our cutting-edge hardware and software put you in control of your gas streams like never before. Together, we’ll make emissions from flaring a thing of the past.

Our products and services

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    Routine Flare Avoidance

    Disrupt the routine with connected tech. View

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    Nonroutine Flare Avoidance

    Lower emissions and greater returns. With tech that knows your business, it’s all possible. View

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    Flare Combustion Efficiency

    We power the highest standard solutions for the lowest impact. View

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