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Our economics and planning suite plays a significant role in completing the technical insights of geoscientists and engineers with the business analysis and processes needed to support decisions through an asset’s lifecycle. In all stages of a project—from prospect assessment to abandonment—Geox exploration risk and resource assessment software™ promotes an integrated and consistent approach to empower better business decisions.

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Quorum Software Announces Next Generation Planning and Economics Partnership with Schlumberger

From Quorum Software:

Quorum’s Planning Space Integrated with the Schlumberger FDPlan Solution

HOUSTON – Quorum Software  (Quorum), a global software leader dedicated to the energy industry, announced today that it has entered into an agreement with Schlumberger to jointly integrate Quorum’s industry-leading Planning Space, a business planning and petroleum economics offering, with the FDPlan field development planning solution, which is enabled by the DELFI cognitive E&P environment. The integrated solution will be offered directly by Schlumberger with Planning Space as its petroleum economics engine.

As part of the agreement, Quorum will also acquire Merak planning, risk, and reserves software from Schlumberger.