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Permanent Monitoring

Point and distributed reservoir measurements in real time

Well Monitoring Data

Whether your project needs single-point sensors or distributed measurement systems, you can trust our technology to integrate the most advanced permanent downhole measurement technologies with surface acquisition and data communication systems that send pressure, temperature, density, and flow rate data wherever you need it.

permanent downhole gauges

Use pressure, temperature, density, and flow rate data to replace unnecessary well interventions

Install permanent downhole gauges to monitor your wells and reservoirs in real time and identify trends that help you optimize well productivity and hydrocarbon recovery—without costly, risky, and time-consuming well interventions. Speed up decision making with real-time digital data delivery and analysis that enables quick reaction and problem-solving that saves you time and money.

See small downhole problems before they turn into big ones

Distributed temperature sensing (DTS) and distributed pressure measurements over extended intervals can identify the source of changes in well performance as they occur, enabling accurate diagnostics on gas lift systems; helping to monitor completion integrity; and quickly identifying a faulty valve, unstable flow, inflow, and outflow without interrupting production.

distributed permanent measurement systems

Rely on real-time downhole data to identify reservoir trends, and react quickly to optimize production—without costly well interventions.

See small downhole problems before they turn into big problems, with distributed temperature sensing (DTS) and distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) systems.


Leverage proven reliability and metrology for a wide range of applications.