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Geothermal well testing consulting services

Unlocking critical insights to reveal resource feasibility

Geothermal well testing.

Well testing with unique geothermal requirements in mind

Geothermal wells differ from their oil and gas cousins in terms of temperature, flow rates, and pressures. Because of this, geothermal wells and their testing must be designed, constructed, and tested with these unique requirements in mind.

As your advisor, we leverage our GeothermEx™ geothermal consulting services to help you design the right well test for your geothermal system. Whether your project is a conventional hydrothermal system or an enhanced geothermal system (EGS), we have the appropriate guidance for you. We’ve supported more than 70% of the world’s conventional geothermal power developments and the latest EGS developments in the United States, Japan, and France. And with extensive expertise in fluid sampling and geochemical analysis, we’ll combine your well testing results with real-world experience to assure you’re getting the full picture from your reservoir.

A leader in analyzing well testing results

Our experience spans a diverse range of countries and scopes—and we’ll apply our learnings from all of it to your project.

GeothermEx services have been involved in 70% of all operating geothermal power projects worldwide.

Consulting you can believe in

With decades of consulting experience, our well testing consulting services come backed by a team of experts who have done it all in geothermal.

Complete well testing consulting services from design to analysis

Qualify your geothermal resource with an industry leader. We provide a wide range of well testing consulting services.

Designing well tests and specifying instrumentation requirements
Procuring test equipment and services
Supervising the tests and analyzing results
Fluid sampling during well testing
Analyzing pressure transient data