Wireline cased hole logging

Comprehensive cased hole services to optimize lifetime production

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Understand the well and the reservoir rock and fluids

Whether you need engineered perforating, production or crosswell logging, or well integrity evaluation, our comprehensive cased hole logging services make sure your wells can continue to reach their full production potential, year in, year out.

From evaluating new wells that were cased to address borehole instability—especially in laterals and shale reservoirs—to finding bypassed pay and optimizing reservoir management for producing wells, you need representative measurements. Casing is no longer a barrier to obtaining representative, openhole-quality logging data. And rigless wireline logging efficiently avoids disrupting drilling operations. With accurate information about the well and the reservoir rock and fluid contents, you'll be able to minimize risk, such as by proactively identifying and fixing problems encountered during completion and production.

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Stand-alone cased hole formation evaluation and reservoir saturation monitoring with openhole log quality diagnoses bypassed hydrocarbons, quantifies total organic carbon, and distinguishes gas-filled porosity from water-filled porosity and tight zones.

ABC Analysis Behind Casing Services

Comprehensive measurements for formation evaluation and reservoir monitoring in cased wells obtain essential well log data, find and evaluate bypassed pay, and optimize reservoir management.

Evaluate, reevaluate, and monitor reservoirs through casing

ABC analysis behind casing service obtains essential well log data in cased holes for finding and evaluating bypassed pay and for optimizing reservoir management.

This is a suite of services rather than a single platform. Measurements are comparable to the services routinely run in open boreholes and can be customized based on objectives, formation conditions, completion type, borehole environment, lithology, reservoir dynamics, and the availability of primary evaluation data.

You can measure porosity, resistivity, lithology, shale content, fluid saturations, and pressure behind casing along with collecting formation fluid samples. ABC services also incorporate data processing and interpretation for state-of-the-art formation evaluation.

  • CHDT Cased Hole Dynamics Tester
    Cased hole dynamics tester

    Conduct multiple pressure measurements and collects fluid samples behind the casing in a well. View

  • CHFR Cased hole formation resistivity tool
    Cased hole formation resistivity tool

    Acquire deep-reading measurements of true formation resistivity (Rt) from behind steel casing. View

  • Sonic Scanner
    Acoustic scanning platform
    Sonic Scanner platform for downhole acoustic measurements

    Gain acoustic insight to anisotropy and formation geomechanics in wells at any angle. View

  • RSTPro Reservoir Saturation Tool
    Reservoir saturation tool

    Get pulsed neutron measurement of saturation, lithology, porosity, and flow profiles. View

Crosswell electromagnetic imaging expands the scale investigated by resistivity logging for monitoring fluid distribution and movement in the reservoir, optimizing sweep efficiency, and identifying bypassed reserves.

Along with identifying grooves and splits, the three types of noninvasive electromagnetic measurements of the interior surface and thickness of the casing also find corrosion on external walls that multifinger caliper tools cannot detect.

Ultrasonic measurement extended to ultralight through heavyweight cements and heavy well fluids in large, thick casings.

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