Electric submersible pumps

Maximize production with diverse ESP solutions

Electric Submersible Pumps
Electric Submersible Pump System

Maximize production in any well or environment

From simplifying installation to meeting temperature and viscosity demands, SLB has the right electric submersible pumps (ESP) for conventional, unconventional, high-temperature, intervention-constrained, and offshore requirements. Maximize production, increase run life, and ultimately reduce system life-cycle costs with a selection of fit-for-purpose ESP systems.

Customize ESP well performance with local support. Access to SLB engineering expertise further optimizes ESP well performance. Conveniently located assembly, repair, and test (ART) centers provide quick delivery and assistance in all major basins. Artificial Lift Surveillance Centers (ALSCs) monitor alarms 24/7/365 for rapid diagnostics, recommendations, and troubleshooting.

Max. gas volume fraction
Max. barrels per day
Max. horsepower

Electric submersible pump system

New-generation ESP: Get more from your reservoir with the Reda Agile compact wide-range ESP system

High-integrity power cables designed to maximize ESP system run life

Software solutions to improve flow

Improve performance of high-asset-value wells

Enable reservoir access below ESP and installation of dual ESPs

Optimizing electric submersible pump systems

Protect your ESPs, rod lift pumps, and gas lift completions from solids during production by cleaning fluid flow

Protect your ESP pump from sand and solids during shutdowns