Engineered ESP Completion Increases Pump Run Life >400% | SLB

Permian operator increases pump run life by >400% and well uptime to 96% using an engineered unconventional ESP completion

Permian Basin, New Mexico, United States, North America, 陆上

SLB engineered a production solution comprising multiple proprietary technologies for a gassy Permian Basin well. ESP run life improved from 105 d to 550 d, increasing well uptime from 85% to 96%.

A Permian Basin operator was encountering poor ESP reliability and extremely unstable inflow in a gassy well. A solution was required to avoid the deferred production and increased workover costs resulting from prematurely failing conventional ESPs.


Bar graphs show improvement in ESP run life and well uptime with the SLB integrated lift solution.
The integrated lift solution engineered by SLB—comprising an extended-life pump, gas-handling and sand control technologies, and real-time surveillance—increased ESP run life more than fivefold and improved well uptime by 16 percentage points despite the gassy well conditions.