Well construction

Optimize your drilling and well placement

Well construction.

Crack the super-efficiency code

Well delivery comprises everything from the people, processes, equipment, and materials across the full well construction operation—your operation. And it boils down to this: You need to lower the cost per barrel while improving returns, which means making your well construction job better, cheaper, more efficient, effective, faster—and cleaner and safer. Period.

What is the Future of Well Construction?
How to enable super efficiency using a seamless end-to-end well construction solution that dissolves silos between expertise, functions, and workflows.

Elevate operational success

We empower your people so you can elevate operational success. How? By combining innovative technologies and silo-breaking collaboration with our experts to harnesses the full power of data to reveal crucial insights, tackle complex problems, and enable system autonomies. This positions you to make high-grade decisions that instantly boost the efficiencies of your people and the effectiveness of your operations to improve your outcomes. It’s all about putting data into action for seamless end-to-end well construction solutions to catapult super efficiency.

Featured case studies

  • Autonomous directional drilling increases ROP by 13%.
    Autonomous Directional Drilling Boosts ROP by 13%

    Neuro autonomous solutions increases footage drilled between downlinks by 36%. View

  • Equinor Gains Extra Net Pay Interval, North Sea
    Equinor Gains Extra Net Pay Interval, North Sea

    GeoSphere 360 service highlights structural complexity and enables well extension. View

  • Drilling results by depth per day
    YPF Achieved the Longest, Fastest Lateral Section in Nonconventional Vaca Muerta, 10 Days Faster than Offsets

    Curve and lateral at-bit steerable system drills 4,155 m in 211 circulating hours, breaking the 1,000-m-drilled-per-day barrier. View

  • The Beginning of a New Digital Era in the Middle East
    The Beginning of a New Digital Era in the Middle East

    Integrated Well Construction deep-gas project proves the value of digital technology in directional drilling operations. View

Related products

  • Neuro Solutions 3D Brand Image
    Autonomous Directional Drilling
    Enhanced technologies to improve well construction

    Leveraging autonomy to build wells with efficiency and consistency, regardless of the rig, field, or trajectory. View

  • render of drilling fluids
    Drilling Fluid Advisor
    Digitizes your drilling fluids

    Drilling Fluid Advisor provides automated advice on drilling fluids to optimize performance. View

  • Geosphere 360 Product Render (Footprint Reduction Technology)
    GeoSphere 360
    3D reservoir mapping-while-drilling-services

    Now you can drill with real-time insights on fluid volumes, bodies, faults, and lithology—at reservoir scale. View

  • 3D Abstract Image for Performance Live
    Performance Live Digitally Connected Service
    Real-time, remote wellsite operations control

    Improve performance and consistency using a digital ecosystem enabling access to expertise anytime and anywhere. View

  • Screenshot showing a colorful image of the multilayer mapping-while-drilling service trajectory
    PeriScope Edge
    Multilayer mapping-while-drilling service

    Achieve the highest confidence for precision steering decisions in razor-thin reservoirs. View

  • RheoProfiler system tests all mud types.
    Automated rheometer

    The RheoProfiler system provides testing density and rheological characteristics across all fluid types. View

  • Digital wellbore in reservoir.
    Definitive dynamic survey-while-drilling service

    Achieve real-time, high-definition wellbore architecture—from tophole to TD. View

Relevant SLB Solutions

  • 3D Abstract Art for Performance Assurance Hero Solution

    重新定义可实现的系统级优化目标 探索更多

  • Footprint Reduction Brand Art

    减少碳足迹 通过实用的、经过量化验证的解决方案来减少碳排放和对环境的影响 探索更多

Geosteering and real-time downhole insights.

Actionable information on well status, drilling performance, reservoir fluid composition, and more.

Drilling fluids & well cementing

The lifeblood of every well.

Surface equipment and rigs for efficient drilling.