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Metering and automation systems

Measurement of injected fluids and multiphase well production

Two SLB operators inspecting a Vx Spectra in a manufacturing facility
Top down aerial view of Vx Spectra equipment in the field

Measuring injection and production rates accurately, reliably, and remotely

Flowmetering is one of the most important measurements in the oil and gas industry, quantifying well and process performance with mass flow rates or volumetric flow rates.


You need this data in real time, wherever you are, without long trips to remote locations. Injection and production rates help inform decisions in well production optimization, reservoir management, hydrocarbon transfers, chemical injection, gas lift injection, annular pressure control, lease and tax payments, and more. That means high reliability and accuracy in the metering equipment are paramount, no matter the application.

Challenges in multiphase metering and automation

Because metering data are used in so many oil and gas applications, inaccurate or incomplete measurement of multiphase flow hinders reservoir performance prediction, production optimization modeling, chemical treatment scheduling, process and pipeline planning, and enhanced oil recovery (EOR) activities.

Being able to measure performance of individual processes is important, but you also need to have the ability and intelligence within the technology to maintain your targeted flow rates. This ensures stable injection and production rates, which reduces operating costs while maximizing well performance.


Vx Spectra installation at a Summit site
Vx Spectra surface multiphase flowmeters quantify flow on an oil and gas location. Vx multiphase well testing technology is available topside and subsea.

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An SLB operator inspecting two Vx Spectra systems in a manufacturing facility

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