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Frac Plugs and Sleeves

Optimize multistage completions for plug-and-perf or continuous fracturing operations

Shale Texture

Choose a multistage completion to suit your operations

Achieve internal and external casing isolation under even the most difficult reservoir conditions with Schlumberger multistage completions technology. Our robust ball, frac plug, and frac sleeve systems can with stand high pressures and temperatures, and they are easily removed—or leave full-bore production access without further intervention—after treatment. 

Choose efficient, reliable isolation technology

Whether you prefer the flexibility of frac plugs in a plug-and-perf completion or the efficiency of continuous fracturing with a frac sleeve system, Schlumberger has the technology you need to optimize your completion. 

Falcon multistage stimulation system
Rely on Schlumberger for reliable, optimized technology and engineering designs for zone isolation in multistage completions.
FracXion Micro Fully Composite Frac Plug
The blue you trust, now in black.

Speed up hydraulic fracturing and open the well rapidly after your frac with a multistage plug-and-perf completion featuring reliable frac plug isolation.

Reduce opex, risks, and environmental impact in multistage fracturing by planning and running your completion in advance, and then stimulating with continuous pumping operations.