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Retrievable Wireless Subsurface Safety Valve System

Restore oil and gas wells and recover production after a safety valve failure

GEM-Valve System up close look

Get your well back online or back on track

With the decline in number of operating wells in recent years due to shut-in or temporary plugging, restoration is crucial to return this well stock to operation or risk permanent abandonment.

The GEM-Valve retrievable wireless subsurface safety valve system helps operators restore wells and resume production after an SSSV failure in

Up close look at the GEM-Valve
API Spec 14A certified and sealed with an API Monogram License, the GEM-Valve system restores full safety valve functionality in wells with damaged or blocked control lines.
Up close look at the GEM-Valve
GEM-Valve under ground showing wireless technology
GEM-Valve system is wirelessly controlled using technology that pulsates electromagnetic signals, eliminating the need for physical connection with a surface panel for control.
GEM-Valve under ground showing wireless technology

Wirelessly fix the downhole SSSV and regain control from the surface

GEM-Valve system enables remediation without relinquishing control of subsurface safety shut-in equipment via wireless surface control of the valve, allowing reliable and regulatory compliant production of oil and gas wells.

Installed as a temporary safety valve solution, the system eliminates production deferral while workover intervention planning and sourcing activities take place. Installed as a permanent solution, it eliminates significant workover repair and recompletion costs, which might not be justifiable for old producing wells in mature fields.

Operate without a hydraulic control line or cable

Controlled to stay open from surface, the GEM-Valve safety valve system is largely tolerant to downhole flow and pressure variations, which are responsible for frequent undesired valve closures of alternative remediation solutions such as subsurface-controlled safety valves.

Offshore safety valve remediation

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