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Completion Fluids and Wellbore Cleaning Tools

Accelerate and maximize production with minimal HSE impact

Alkalinity control.

The industry’s most complete line of minimally damaging completion and reservoir drill-in fluids and additives

M-I SWACO offers an integrated suite of completion technologies comprising completion and reservoir drill-in fluids (RDFs), additives, wellbore cleaning tools, and filtration and associated engineering services. With refined engineering, these technologies accelerate and maximize production with minimal HSE impact. Together, they provide you a seamless and cost-effective solution for optimizing productivity throughout the drilling, workover, and completion processes.

Our comprehensive suite also includes breakers, defoamers, viscosifiers, filtration aids, lubricants, shale inhibitors, scavengers, surfactants, and corrosion inhibitors to help deliver

  • a clean producing zone
  • minimal formation damage
  • lower NPT
  • maximum production faster
  • longer productive life
  • reduced costs and HSE impact.
MI-Swaco Engineer

Our all-inclusive planning, execution, and monitoring process ensures minimal formation damage that could restrict production. The end result is a clean and unobstructed wellbore, delivered in a single, cost-effective process.

Minimize formation damage with specially engineered formate and halide and formate brine solutions.

Optimize wellbore displacement by integrating mechanics, chemistry, and hydraulics. 

Reduce the risk of flow-assurance problems during postdrilling well workover and intervention.

Drill and complete the reservoir section in open hole with minimally damaging, completion-compatible RDFs and additives.

Completely and efficiently remove reservoir drill-in filtercake in openhole completions.

Remove suspended solids from fluids to improve operational efficiency and overall well performance.

Control fluid loss during and after completion with solids-free and solids-laden systems. 

Block heat transfer to maintain flow assurance and maximum well integrity.

Remove drilling and completion debris to avoid formation damage or completion impairment.