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SLB and Quorum Software Planning and Economics Integrated Solution

Connect the reservoir to the boardroom—cut planning time by up to 50%

SLB and Quorum Software Planning and Economics Integrated Solution

By integrating Planning on Delfi from SLB and Quorum Software’s Planning Space, economics data is brought into the early stages of asset evaluation to significantly improve decision making. The integrated solution connects subsurface evaluations with economic considerations, and incorporates standardized fiscal regimes, prices, and currencies, enabling you to make quicker and more informed choices. The solution increases collaboration between geoscientists, engineers, and economics teams to cut the time required for field development planning by up to 50%.

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Deliver field development plans faster, more cost efficiently, and with improved decision quality with the FDPlan™ agile field development planning solution.

Shorten planning cycles and speed up time to market with the FDPlan solution. In its shared environment your multi-disciplinary teams can collaborate seamlessly to deliver an integrated, high-quality field development plan (FDP).

The FDPlan solution gives you one single view of your technical workflows and commercial evaluations, transforming the planning workflow from a sequential process to one that is collaborative and agile—experts across all domains working together.

Multi-disciplinary workflows and collaboration
Outcomes linked to auditable data
Cross-domain integration and automation
Openness and extensibility

Frame the opportunity using your existing exploration information within a framework for decision management that aligns with your key performance objectives (KPOs).

Subsurface considerations

The Development Concept Generator, an embedded FDPlan technology enables you to quickly generate multiple development scenarios, with coherence between the subsurface, wells, and facilities. Machine learning algorithms automate field layout generation, identifying optimal drilling targets based on reservoir probability maps.

Build and evaluate field development scenarios with precision, integrating subsurface and economic data. Automatic scenario evaluation allows asset teams to explore numerous feasible development concepts for improved decision-making.

Analyze and Decide evaluate field development scenarios using corporate standard fiscal regimes, prices, and currencies from seamless integration with Planning Space.

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Planning Space

Eliminate cumbersome planning cycles, allowing planners to maximize productivity and focus on value-added activities with Planning Space

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Leveraging the cloud and unified data architecture, Planning Space enables accelerated and shared decision-making with the intelligence to better align capital, financial, and reserves planning. Companies can now confidently plan faster, with greater accuracy and alignment, to achieve both top-line and bottom-line performance gains, while meeting net-zero goals.

The suite fully integrates five modules, streamlining business planning workflows with connected data for greater efficiency, transparency, and risk management including: capital planning, financial planning, petroleum and energy economics, and reserves management. Planning Space’s ability to configure standardized inputs and outputs enables efficient portfolio consolidation and optimization, supported by an up-to-date audit trail for greater regulatory compliance and data governance.

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Integrated solution workflow

Evaluate and compare multiple field development scenarios framed in the FDPlan solution, key input of this evaluation is given to the economists which can now securely access Planning Space hierarchies, currency, fiscal models, and price decks. All of that information provided by the economist is now seamlessly connected to the FDPlan solution.


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SLB and Quorum Software introduce Digital Solution to optimize and accelerate Field Development Planning

Integrated solution to cut time required for field development planning by up to 50%.

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