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Oil and gas on-premise solutions

Plan. Discover. Develop. Excel. A comprehensive suite of digital solutions offering all you need for success.

Oil and Gas On-Premise Solutions
Oil and Gas On-Premise Solutions

A long history of innovation and expertise at your fingertips

Our collection of on-premise digital solutions for oil and gas workflows covers the entire exploration-to-production life cycle. Trusted by customers across the world to optimize asset opportunities and performance, these solutions are continuously developed and advanced using deep domain expertise.

Our products and services

  • Analytics Software
    Analytics Software
    Smarter decision making through tailored analytics tools

    Discover meaningful patterns in data through statistical software packages, production forecasting, uncertainty analysis, simulation inside your Schlumberger applications. View

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    Data Management
    Advanced technology to manage your data, information, and corporate knowledge

    Our suite of data software and services has all the tools and support you need to be able to effectively manage and derive value from your organizations petrotechnical data. View

  • Petroleum Economics Software Services
    Economics Planning
    Building understanding through basin- to reservoir-scale modeling of petroleum systems

    Our economics and planning suite plays a significant role in completing the technical insights of geoscientists and engineers with the business analysis and processes needed to support an asset’s lifecycle. View

  • Geochemistry Software
    Understanding the geochemistry of oil and gas reserves, from wellbore to basin

    PetroMod petroleum systems modeling software lets you assess source rock maturity, hydrocarbon migration, and the associated properties of oil and gas accumulations. View

  • Geology Software
    Powerful 2D and 3D geological analysis, mapping, and modeling

    Whether you are solving exploration, development, or production challenges, you need software tools that support both detailed analysis and creativity—while also enabling you to easily test all your ideas.​​​​​​​​​​​ View

  • Geomechanics Software
    Optimal decision making and accurate assessment of geomechanical risks for your reservoirs and surrounding formations

    Workflows provided by our geomechanics software and services provides drilling, reservoir, and production engineers with the tools to integrate geomechanics into the decision-making processes. View

  • Geophysics Software
    Geophysical interpretation, from basin to reservoir scale

    Geophysics is a critical tool to solve the most complex structural and stratigraphic challenges. View

  • Petroleum Systems Software
    Petroleum Systems
    Building understanding through basin- to reservoir-scale modeling of petroleum systems

    Building understanding through basin- to reservoir-scale modeling of petroleum systems. View

  • Petrophysics Software
    Understand near wellbore rock properties, enhance characterization, and optimize drilling and completions strategies

    Understand near wellbore rock properties, enhance characterization, and optimize drilling and completions strategies View

  • Process engineering facility abstract.
    Process Engineering
    Optimize your facilities and decarbonize your operations in one unified software environment

    Improve efficiency, throughput and safety while decarbonizing operations with an integrated environment to model facility, processing, pipeline, and flare systems View

  • Production Engineering Software Services
    Production Engineering
    Rigorous engineering design, analysis, and modeling—for optimal asset performance

    Get the answers you need for production design, optimization, and operational needs—for any well and any field from our unmatched range of production engineering simulators. View

  • Production Operations Software Services
    Production Operations
    The integrated, extensible approach to understanding and achieving production targets

    The Avocet production operations software platform helps you get more answers from your data through high-frequency real-time data storage and visualization. View

  • Reservoir Engineering Software
    Reservoir Engineering
    Evaluate reservoir performance through simulation to maximize recovery

    Our software helps you reduce risk, enhance field economics, and ultimately maximize the recovery of oil and gas reserves. View

  • Static Reservoir Characterization
    Static Reservoir Characterization
    Accurate simulation of fluid behavior within all reservoir types

    We offer our customers a vast array of solutions for every geological scenario affecting the development of their asset. View

  • Drilling Services Software
    Well Construction
    Optimize your planning and increase your operational drilling performance and efficiency

    Transform the way you design your wells. View