Water Treatment

Systems for comprehensive management of produced water, seawater, and wastewater

WEMCO depurators and Silverband

Sustainable management of industry water streams from start to finish

Efficient and effective water treatment is the cornerstone of a water management process that meets regulatory guidelines and HSE requirements and helps manage long-term water-related capex and opex. Our water treatment and management solutions range from bulk oil removal to polishing for reinjection. A broad portfolio of industry-leading technologies and engineers with global experience enable us to design customized water treatment systems that deliver reliable performance throughout the life of your project.

Worker testing equipment at water treatment facility

Compact, portable systems for treating drilling wastes offshore.

Oil Removal

Produced water treatment systems that enable reuse, discharge, or water disposal.

Enabling reuse, discharge, or disposal of produced water

The US alone generates billions of barrels of produced water annually, making this water the oil and gas industry’s most abundant by-product. Before it can be used for enhanced oil recovery (EOR), placed in a disposal well, or discharged offshore, produced water's entrained oil and suspended solids content must be reduced to a level that meets HSE regulations, protects formation rheology, and limits equipment corrosion.

Worker testing voraxial
  • CYCLOTECH Cyclonic Separation Technologies
    CYCLOTECH B Series
    Deoiling hydrocyclone technologies

    Separate bulk water from a wellstream, and cost-effectively and efficiently remove oil from produced water. View

  • Epcon dual compact flotation unit
    EPCON Dual
    Compact flotation unit technology

    Improve oil-in-water (OIW) removal with 50% greater efficiency and a 50% smaller footprint. View

  • Advanced media polisher.
    Advanced Media Polisher
    Oil-in-water polishing filter

    Achieve fast and permanent removal of oil and grease down to <1-um droplet size for extremely low OIW discharge rates. View

  • Myclex Re-Gen
    Advanced Regenerative Water Treatment Media
    Processing and separation solution

    Sustainably remove oils and oily solids down to a size of 5 um from waterstreams. View

  • PETRECO HYDROMATION walnut shell media filters in Calgary.
    Walnut shell media filter

    Reliably and effectively remove oil and suspended solids from produced water before discharge or reinjection. View

  • Produced Water Remote Monitoring and Control
    Remote Monitoring & Control
    Real-time systems for produced water treatment

    Automatically assure the lowest-possible oil-in-water discharges. View

  • UNICEL Vertical IGF Induced-Gas Flotation Unit
    UNICEL Vertical IGF
    Induced-gas flotation unit

    Efficiently separate oil and water with complete process containment. View

  • VORTOIL Deoiling Hydrocyclone
    Deoiling hydrocylone

    Remove oil from large volumes of produced water with this highly efficient, compact, and inexpensive method. View

  • WEMCO depurators installed in field

    Remove oil and solids from produced water onshore or offshore using efficient induced gas flotation. View

  • WEMCO ISF produced water installed
    Hydraulically induced gas flotation system

    Separate oil from produced water with complete process containment and minimal footprint. View

  • WEMCO Pacesetter separator installed

    Remove oil and suspended solids from process streams effectively and economically. View

  • WEMCO Silver Band separator installed

    Remove suspended solids and oil residue from liquid streams. View

Seawater Treatment

Systems that prepare seawater for oil and gas use by treating biofoulants, dissolved oxygen, and suspended or dissolved solids. 

Worker at seawater treatment facility

Rendering seawater suitable for use in hydrocarbon production

Oil and gas facilities use seawater for a variety of applications, including EOR, equipment cooling, fire suppression, potable water generation, and desalter operations. Prior to its use, seawater must be suitably treated for biofoulants, dissolved oxygen, and suspended or dissolved solids.

  • Biofoulant control
    Biofoulant Control
    Removal of macro- and microorganisms from seawater

    Prevent contamination of seawater treatment systems from bacteria to barnacles. View

  • Dissolved solids removal
    Dissolved Solids Removal
    Services and expertise

    Remove dissolved solids from seawater used for injection, minimizing reactions that can cause formation issues. View

  • Filtration
    Suspended solids removal

    Meet specific operational and footprint requirements with a range of tailored filtration systems. View