Carbon storage evaluation measurements

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Abstract illustration of formation evaluation for CCS
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Essential measurements for carbon storage evaluation

Optimizing carbon storage starts with understanding the reservoir. Grasping the concepts of capacity, injectivity, and containment is paramount, whether you're dealing with a depleted reservoir or a saline aquifer.

To comprehensively understand each of these, SLB has meticulously crafted dedicated workflows. Measurements from these workflows serve as a fundamental baseline for appraising the carbon storage site, as well as the development and execution of a carbon storage monitoring program. This ensures a well-informed and effective approach to carbon sequestration.

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Science Rob for CCS

Science Rob CCS video series

Join our CCS domain expert, Robert Laronga, as he uses engaging science experiments to explain various CCS topics and share insights. These insights play a crucial role in evaluating carbon storage sites for appraisal as an early, critical step in any carbon sequestration project.

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