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Liner Tieback

Metal-to-metal, gas-tight system


Ensure casing integrity in ultradeep depths

To reach ultradeep setting depths, the number of casing strings are often increased in the well design. Tighter annular clearances require the use of more flush joint connections. Conventional liner hanger equipment is unable to match the ratings of the casing in these well designs, especially when the liner must be tied back to surface. Our liner tieback system lets you run a conventional hanger system and tie the liner string back to the wellhead without sacrificing casing integrity or rating.

Liner Tieback.

Reach total depth every time

As a part of the COLOSSUS™ liner hanger system portfolio, the liner tieback metal-to-metal, gas-tight system connects liners to a tieback string of casing with a permanent high axial load, durable seal. The unique metal-to-metal sealing and anchoring technology shapes metal downhole to create metal-to-metal solutions that conform perfectly to the shape of the casing string.

When a long casing string must be run into a challenging wellbore, the inability to rotate and circulate quickly may result in the casing not reaching total depth (TD) and needs to be pulled for a wiper trip. The lower section of the casing string can be run as a liner with a heavy-duty running tool enabling push, pull, rotate, and circulate capability. The system has no moving parts, gauge rings, elements, or slips, which is ideal when dealing with poor hole conditions. After the liner is cemented in place and the running tools are removed from the well, the metal-to-metal stinger and tieback casing are run, spaced out, and hung in the wellhead. The stinger is then expanded into the liner tieback receptacle, creating a continuous metal-to-metal casing string from surface to TD. This method is ideally suited for offshore wells where limited slots drive the need for casing getting to TD every time.

  • Extended-reach drilling
  • Deepwater wells with heavy production strings
  • Wells with architecture or conditions that make it challenging to run long casing strings
  • Enables the permanent connection of a liner to a tieback string of casing using a durable metal-to-metal seal
  • Provides flexibility in landing casing and liner space-out
  • Eliminates the risks of conventional elastomeric seals by providing a metal-to-metal seal

Deploy with flexibility

  • High axial load-bearing capability
  • Ability to be run with or without conventional liner hanger equipment
  • Connection of a liner and tieback casing into a single casing string
  • Effectiveness for the life of the well
  • NACE compatibility
Liner Tieback Metal-to-Metal, Gas-Tight System Specifications
Size, in [mm]
9.625 [202.2]
9.875 [250.8]
Casing weight, lbm [kg]
53.5 [24.3]
66.4 [30.1]
OD, in [mm]
12.097 [307.3]
12.035 [305.7]
Standard ID, in [mm]
8.535 [216.8]
8.553 [217.2]
Internal pressure, psi [MPa]
7,985 [55.1]
5,510 [38]
External pressure, psi [MPa]
7,930 [54.7]
7,180 [49.5]