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Egypt Red Sea Survey

10,400 km of broadband 2D seismic data

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Create a subsurface structural framework

WesternGeco and TGS, in collaboration with South Valley Egyptian Petroleum Holding Company (Ganope), have acquired rights to a 66,000 km2 open licensing area offshore the Egyptian Red Sea.

We have acquired approximately 10,400 km of long-offset broadband 2D data to give operators the ability to assess future investment. This data includes 12-km offsets, broader bandwidths, and gravity and magnetics measurements to help customers delineate the subsurface structural framework and image deep subsurface targets.
Map of Red Sea 2D multiclient surveys
Legacy Data of 2D seismic for Egypt, Red Sea. Data of fast track 2D seismic for Egypt, Red Sea.

Key highlights:

  • Upcoming bid rounds for the Red Sea signal a tremendous opportunity
  • Large, untested structures and well-established hydrocarbon systems offer exceptional growth opportunities for oil companies
  • Available now: fast-track and prestack time- and depth-migrated 2D data