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Energy explained: What is geoenergy?

已发表: 04/27/2023

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You’ve probably heard about geothermal energy before, but what about geoenergy?

Geoenergy is a form of shallow geothermal energy that provides low carbon heating and cooling for buildings.

How it works

Geoenergy works by using the Earth as a thermal battery. Regardless of the season, the soil temperature tens of meters below ground is constant while the surface air temperature varies. Geoenergy installations take advantage of this difference, transferring stored heat from the ground when it’s cold and reversing the process when it’s hot—providing virtually carbon-free thermal comfort to buildings year-round.

Why it matters

According to the World Economic Forum, 15 percent of global carbon emissions—about 6 gigatons of CO2 annually—come from heating and cooling buildings. That’s the equivalent impact of about 1.3 billion gasoline-powered cars, which nearly exceeds the number of cars in use in the world today. Geoenergy solutions deployed at scale can help measurably reduce this footprint.

Hyperlocal energy

Not only does geoenergy have a low carbon profile, but it’s also sourced at the point of use. This appeals to building owners, municipalities and nations alike looking for ways to balance emissions reduction goals with energy access and energy security.

Where it works

Geoenergy—also known as geothermal heating and cooling—tends to work best in areas that have both cold and warm weather. Geoenergy solutions can be installed in new buildings, existing buildings or for district heating and cooling applications.

What we’re doing

SLB’s Celsius Energy business has developed and deployed a geoenergy solution that is currently providing near emissions-free heating and cooling for buildings in France:

  • In December 2020, Celsius Energy completed its first installation in our Riboud Product Center in Clamart. This installation resulted in a 90 percent reduction of our CO2 emissions from this facility.
  • Last winter, Celsius Energy completed an installation for Clamart-based Groupement Optic 2000, a leading French eyewear brand. The solution currently provides heating and cooling for the company’s 12,000-square-meter headquarters and workshop and is expected to decrease the building’s CO2 footprint by over 70 percent.

What’s on the horizon

Early this year, Celsius Energy was awarded a contract for one of the ten largest geoenergy projects in Europe and the largest ever in France.

This project—based in the country’s eastern region—will provide heating and cooling to dozens of buildings by combining geoenergy and waste heat from the world's largest particle accelerator.

Celsius Energy is also finalizing the installation of its solution in our Stonehouse Technology Center in Stonehouse, UK. This second installation at an SLB facility will be completed before next winter.

Throughout 2023 and beyond, Celsius Energy will focus on expanding its geoenergy solution in Europe and entering the North American markets, focusing on the Northeast U.S. and Canada.

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