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Long Reach

Integral liner hanger packer

Liner Hanger

Simplify liner deployment in high-temperature environments

The Long Reach integral liner hanger packer is a hydraulic-set packer with push, pull, and rotation capabilities to enable controlled liner deployment without excessive workstring manipulation.

The packer's internal bypass feature reduces the piston effect while running into the well, and an optional internal circulating string enables wellbore fluid displacement. 

Manage liner movement during installation

Hold-down slips prevent upward movement of the liner for safe and secure liner installation.

Packer elements are available with standard or thermal elastomers for use in steam-injection applications. 

The packer is available in standard materials with yield strength from 80,000 to 125,000 psi [552 to 862 MPa]. Other yield strengths and materials are available upon request.

LRP Long Reach Liner Packer
Long Reach integral liner hanger packer.