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Selective lateral intervention completion system

Multilateral completion systems.

Access or isolate a lateral from the main bore—without a rig

The modular selective lateral intervention completion (SLIC) system enables through-tubing intervention in multilateral wells. It can be used to access the lateral or to hydraulically isolate the lateral from the main bore.

Multiple modules can be installed for selective intervention access with a wellbore has multiple laterals.

SLIC Selective Lateral Intervention Completion System
SLIC Selective Lateral Intervention Completion System
Rated up to 10,000 psi [69 MPa]
Rated to 350 degF [176 degC]

Use accessories to locate and orient for casing exit

Each SLIC system module is a tubular with a side opening, sealbores, and profiles for intervention tools. It uses standard tubing threads and is run into the well as part of the completion string.

Three intervention tools are available with the system:

  • orienting selective locating tool (OSLT)
  • lateral deflector
  • isolation sleeve.