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Reliable TCP firing systems with safety built in

We provide TCP firing heads to meet a wide variety of completion needs. Firing heads are differentiated mainly by their method of activation. All hydraulic firing heads require a minimum of 150-psi hydrostatic pressure to activate the firing pin. This pressure is not present at surface ambient conditions and when a firing head is being handled.

eFire electronic firing heads employ an innovative method of using precise coded signals to activate the firing mechanism. The signals cannot be replicated randomly by environmental conditions at the surface or in the well or by unintended actions such as applied pressure or shock.

All of our TCP firing systems are designed in line with API RP 67 Recommended Practices for Oilfield Explosives Safety to prevent the inadvertent detonation of explosives. To further address the primary concern of safety considerations for personnel, the well, and equipment, we follow strict safety procedures for firing head deployment.

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