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Seismic Interference Noise Elimination

Workflow for attenuating seismic interference noise in marine data

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Our seismic interference noise elimination (SINE) workflow includes a multidomain 3D spatial filter in the tau-p space to attenuate seismic interference (SI). The filter scans for SI noise on consecutive shots along the line based on amplitude and frequency. SI noise amplitudes are identified and scaled to zero.

SI noise is extracted from the data by subtracting the SI-free tau-p record from the input tau-p record. This SI noise model is then transformed back to the x-t domain and subtracted from the original dataset.

Handles variability in input parameters

The 3D spatial filter width, length, and window length may vary according to the spread of noise within the shot and across shots. The filter is generally designed once per survey and applied to all acquired shots in the survey.

The technique is robust and accommodates data from all water depths as well as different source directions and SI amplitudes. No prior knowledge of the SI noise source position and no manual intervention, such as preselecting SI-contaminated shots and areas, is required.

Enhances multivessel and multimeasurement streamer data

During a multivessel acquisition, seismic data is affected by SI noise generated by other nearby seismic vessels. The SINE workflow attenuates SI noise generated by these vessels to enhance data quality. SINE attenuates SI noise in data acquired with a multimeasurement streamer systems. It is used as part of the noise attenuation workflow applied to pressure and accelerometer data prior to wavefield reconstruction and deghosting.