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Marine Drilling Riser

Complete riser systems from the drillfloor to the BOP stack

Marine drilling riser on rig.

Spider and gimbal

The spider serves as a hangoff point for the riser during BOP running. We offer split spiders and gimbals to accommodate rotary tables of 49.5-in, 60.5-in, and 75.5-in diameter and are qualified up to 2,500,000 lbm hangoff capacity. Our spiders are designed so that the only moving parts are the spider dogs. For improved safety, the 75.5-in spider dogs completely cover the open hole when hanging off a riser joint. The shock mount gimbal allows up to a 5° movement in all directions.

This spider design can be configured to accommodate our Robo-Spider system for risers.

Robo-Spider automated riser-flange-bolt torque system

The Robo-Spider system is the first fully automated riser flange bolt torque system capable of reducing riser flange bolt torque time by up to 70% while increasing rig floor safety.


We also offer the CF-A diverter for floaters and the CF-B diverter for jackup rigs.

  • Our CF-A diverter supports up to 75.5-in rotary tables and has a hangoff capacity of up to 2,500,000 lbm. It is a single annular packing element with a pressure rating up to 500 psi. The CF-A model features four hydraulic locking dogs that reduce hosing and provide simplified running and retrieval of the diverter assembly.
  • The CF-B diverter supports up to 47-in rotary tables and is qualified up to 2,000 psi. Packers can be split and hinged to allow them to be changed out with pipe in the hole. J-slot type running tools are entirely mechanical.
Riser being lowered in ocean from rig floor.

Telescopic joint

The telescopic joint (TJ) compensates for rig heave. It is a riser joint consisting of an inner and outer barrel with a sealing element. We offer a dual seal assembly (DSA) for sealing between the inner and outer barrels. The autolock feature secures the inner and outer barrels to ensure the TJ can run safely and land the BOP. Our TJ can be provided as managed pressure drilling (MPD)-ready, with an inner barrel sized to accommodate passing a rotating control device and associated deployment tooling.