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Schlumberger Completes Central Santos Basin Multiazimuth Seismic Reimaging Project

已发表: 05/04/2021

Multiclient seismic data library

Multiazimuth 3D reimaging project in the Central Santos Basin

As an industry leader in multiclient seismic processing, WesternGeco continuously evergreens key parts of its extensive multiclient data library using the latest seismic processing and earth model building technologies available. WesternGeco introduces a seamless multiazimuth reimaging campaign in the Central Santos Basin, a 3D reprocessing project completed in 2020.

This multiazimuth 3D reimaged data includes the highly prospective fields of Itapu, Sururu, Berbigão, Atapu, Sépia, and Sapinhoá. These areas are part of Brazil's anticipated National Petroleum, Natural Gas, and Biofuels Agency (ANP) Transfer of Rights 2021 Bid Round. The multiazimuth project provides improved imaging of the subsurface, enabling faster and more confident evaluations of this highly sought-after acreage.

Map of Sepia field block
Itapu, Sururu, Berbigão, Atapu, and Sépia Fields with multiazimuth 3D reprocessed images.
Map of Sapinhoá field block
Sapinhoá Field with multiazimuth 3D reprocessed images.

This exciting project has been conducted in Schlumberger's Brazil and Houston offices, with final depth-imaged products available now.

Reprocessed seismic data from Sépia Field, Santos Basin, Brazil.
Sépia Field data example from final RTM 45-Hz processing.
Reprocessed seismic data from Sapinhoá Field, Santos Basin, Brazil.
Sapinhoá Field data example from final RTM 45-Hz processing.

Improved seismic imaging using broadband processing, full-waveform inversion, and reverse time migration

The reprocessed data provides new, improved imaging of the complex subsurface of the Santos Basin. The project includes

  • combined multiazimuth seismic datasets, providing enhanced imaging and earth model building by capturing better illumination at the target
  • improved signal-to-noise ratio and a fully broadband image, which enhances the presalt imaging, including improved delineation of faults
  • application of industry-leading variable aperture demultiple using multiazimuthal information, which improves the legacy data image with cleaner and higher resolution at the target level
  • reflection full-waveform inversion (FWI) for a more robust salt and presalt velocity model, ensuring a detailed target image
  • high-frequency (45-Hz) final reverse time migration (RTM) data with improved imaging and continuity of the base salt and subsurface.

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