SLB helps Equinor drill its longest well ever in the Gulf of Mexico | SLB

SLB helps Equinor drill its longest well ever in the Gulf of Mexico

已发表: 06/09/2023

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Drilled 34,145 ft MD, 18.8 days under budget

Results summary

Despite the complex nature of the well location, extremely tight drilling margins, persistent adverse weather conditions, COVID-19 challenges, and supply chain issues, the team successfully drilled the well.

SLB helps Equinor drill its longest well ever in the Gulf of Mexico
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Equinor wanted to drill a deep well on a tight budget despite substantial challenges

The goal for Equinor was to drill a well on a tight budget in deep water where the drilling location contained salt and subsalt at intervals with a narrow mudweight window of 0.12 to 0.15-lbm/ galUS. The harsh drilling conditions created challenges in establishing top of cement as well as well isolation and well integrity. To complete this well and achieve objectives ahead of schedule and without recordable HSE incidents would constitute a substantial achievement.

What was tried first

SonicVISIONTM sonic-while-drilling service was used for cement quality. Due to the deepwater well environment of 6,543 ft, Equinor faced density and temperature correction challenges to establish better control of downhole densities related to displacement.

What SLB recommended

Equinor selected SLB based on expertise in similar complex projects. Equinor needed to reduce risks and deliver the most complex well they had ever drilled in the Gulf of Mexico. Equinor's knowledge of SLB's ability to optimize technology deployment, reduce risks, and deliver on time and budget informed their choice.

A well construction team from SLB provided project management and wellsite coordination, with dedicated integration positions in town and at the wellsite. With a performance incentivized model implementation this enabled a successful outcome for both Equinor and SLB.

What was achieved

All well objectives were achieved 18.8 days ahead of schedule. The well was drilled without any reportable HSE incidents or serious well-control incidents. SLB delivered a record-setting well.

A number of key technologies to overcome challenges and deliver value to Equinor were introduced during the process. These included, seismic drilling insights, management pressure drilling, RheGuard XTM narrow-window flat rheology drilling fluid system, RheoProfilerTM automated rheometer, and PRESSPRO RTTM real-time downhole performance measurement software, Invizion RTTM real-time well integrity service, OptiWellTM well construction performance service, i-DRILLTM integrated dynamic system analysis service, sonicVISION sonicwhile- drilling service, and more. The well was drilled to the desired depth under anticipated cost with seven of nine sections delivered ahead of schedule.

Despite many challenges, the well startup unfolded smoothly with no logistical issues and good communication between Equinor and the offshore SLB team.

"I want to congratulate you all for a record-setting well. All well objectives were achieved 18.8 days ahead of budgeted time, and more important, without any reportable HSE incidents or serious well control incidents! It is the most efficient well Equinor has drilled to date in the Gulf of Mexico. Your team spirit and collaborative attitude, professionalism, and dedication made significant contributions to the success we achieved. It has been a great pleasure working with you on this monumental well.”

Alan Xiaojun He, Drilling manager Equinor
Gulf of Mexico, 海上