Completions Electrification for Sustainable Field Development | SLB

Road to Well Completions Electrification to Support Sustainable Field Development

已发表: 06/05/2024

Graphic of 3 offshore platforms with multiple wells and long tiebacks supplying a single FPSO.


TotalEnergies, Petrobras, and SLB have partnered in a collaborative venture with the goal of revolutionizing the way subsea wells are completed. Their aim is to introduce an innovative intelligent completion system in the context of multiple wells that replaces the conventional electrohydraulic systems that have been in use for decades by electrifying the process. This groundbreaking system not only represents a significant advancement in well technology but also holds the promise of making a profound positive impact on the environment and enhancing safety. To evaluate the reduction of carbon emissions through electric wells, an electrification road map was implemented. This comprehensive approach included data collection, case studies, and techno-economic analysis. By closely examining the existing assets, detailed specifications were developed outlining the environmental, operational, and financial contexts in which electrical completions can offer effective solutions. The objective was to eliminate the need for hydraulic systems entirely, from surface installations to completion. This required a complete redesign of the flow control valve, downhole safety valve, and all associated interfaces. One of the most notable achievements resulting from this technological advancement is the optimization of reservoir management and reduced water production. Electric wells surpass conventional systems in terms of precision and control, enabling improved reservoir management practices. This, in turn, enhances hydrocarbon recovery and overall asset performance. The second breakthrough paves the way for exploring fresh opportunities in the development of multizonal wells, lowering the overall number of wells needed. The third significant accomplishment involved streamlining the design, resulting in reduced rig time and enhanced safety for personnel. The transition to electric wells has demonstrated that completion technology can play a pivotal role in addressing environmental concerns within the oil and gas industry. It underscores the significance of ongoing innovation and collaboration among industry leaders to drive positive change. This initiative serves as a model for other companies and industry stakeholders seeking to reduce their environmental footprint while improving project economics. It illustrates that electrification can facilitate the coexistence of sustainable practices and profitability, offering a promising outlook for the future.

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