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External Sleeve Control Choke

For low-capacity, high-pressure-drop applications

Control choke valves.

The external sleeve control choke has a sleeve that throttles the flow on the external diameter of the ported cage. The external sleeve trim is particularly suited for low-capacity/high pressure-drop applications. The external sleeve is designed specifically for severely erosive service where the combination of high pressure drops and high sand concentrations can reduce the life of a choke.

  • Available in various sizes ranging from CC15 to CC80 choke models.
  • Tungsten carbide-lined external sleeve and solid tungsten carbide cage/seat provide optimum wear resistance in erosive conditions.
  • Metal body-to-bonnet gasket for absolute pressure containment.
  • Reverse angle external sleeve improves flow dynamics within the trim.
  • Self-flushing, pressure-balanced ports reduced stem loads and actuator output requirements.
  • Heavy-duty thrust bearings reduce operating torque.
  • Pressure-balance seals are a key feature of the pressure-balanced trim arrangement, reducing operating forces and enabling greater ease of adjustment.
External Sleeve Choke Valve


  • Large visual indicator provides position in 1/64 in (bean) as standard.
  • External grease port lubricates threads and bearings.
  • Stem lock maintains set position.
  • Bleed plug assembly vents pressure before disassembly.
  • Antirotation key translates rotation from the drive bushing into linear movement of the lower stem/flow plug assembly.
  • Two-piece stem is threaded and locked, and is removed from wellbore fluids.
  • Large annulus area reduces the risk of body and trim erosion caused by high velocities.

All control chokes are available in manually operated or actuated models. Custom-designed trim components to suit a wide variety of Cv capacities and flow characteristics also are available.

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