PV-3 Liner Top Packer | SLB


Liner top packer with or without hold-down slips

QL Conventional Sealbore Packer
Rated up to 10,000 psi [69 MPa]
Rated to 400 degF [204 degC]

Optimize your COLOSSUS CMT system completion

The PV-3 liner top packer with or without hold-down slips, part of the COLOSSUS CMT cemented liner hanger system, is ISO-14310 V3-qualified and rated to a differential pressure of 10,000 psi [68.9 MPa] in most sizes. The PV-3 packer is run above a liner hanger with either a mechanical right-hand release running tool (RRT) or a hydraulic collet-running tool (CRT) in high-pressure and high-temperature environments. After the liner hanger has been set and cemented, the packer is set by picking up the running string, placing the tamping dogs of the setting tool above the liner top, and slacking off weight. Excess cement above the liner top can then be circulated out after the packer is set.

The integral setting adaptor and mandrel design permits the transmission of high torque from the running string to the liner. This feature is used to drill down the liner while it is being run in hole. When a rotational hanger is deployed, the liner can be rotated after the liner hanger is set to improve cement integrity. Optimized design and materials maximize mandrel performance criteria such as burst, collapse, torque, and tensile ratings.

Hold-down slips promote uniform setting requirements

The hold-down slips are optional components that can be added to the PV-3 packer. The design ensures weight is evenly distributed around the supporting casing ID, and is typically used to accommodate high capacity requirements. Hold-down slips are protected from damage by the body of the packer while running into the well. Their recessed configuration also provides a larger fluid bypass area.

PV-3 liner top packer
PV-3 liner top packer without hold-down slips (left) and with hold-down slips (right).
PV-3 liner top packer