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Depth Domain Inversion Services

Depth-domain modeling, imaging, and inversion

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Better illuminate complex reservoir structures

Depth domain inversion services deliver quantitative seismic interpretation directly in the depth domain to significantly increase your reservoir characterization accuracy in complex geological settings. By correcting for illumination effects, depth inverse modeling reliably and consistently solves for acoustic rock properties from 2D and 3D seismic data. This advanced technique for high-resolution acoustic impedance is the basis for a more stable solution with higher resolution and higher fidelity than conventional AVO inversion techniques in complex environments.

Move the slider to see how depth domain inversion services correct for variable illumination to deliver seismic amplitudes (right) that are much more highly consistent with the structure of the target horizon than the conventional approach (left) performed in the time domain.

Reduce uncertainty in your most challenging reservoir environments

The unique depth domain inversion services workflow corrects for depth-, space-, and dip-dependent illumination inadequacies to reduce uncertainty in defining petroleum system components, including migration pathways and trap and seal mechanisms. The resulting consistency achieved between structural imaging and rock property estimation gives you previously unavailable insight for your exploration campaigns.

Depth domain inversion services provide much more reliable acoustic rock properties than conventional methods of amplitude inversion. Depth inversion–based answers increase the accuracy of prospect delineation, reservoir properties determination, and volumetric calculations.

Extend the value of your seismic data from exploration to appraisal

Depth domain inversion services use integrated workflows to generate inversion models in the Petrel E&P software platform for actionable decision making during drilling operations.