Addressing 3D Seismic Illumination Challenges: Improved Imaging and Quantitative Interpretation | SLB

Addressing 3D Seismic Illumination Challenges

已发表: 03/30/2017

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Inadequate subsurface illumination resulting from complex geology or the limitations of the acquisition geometry has detrimental effects on the amplitude and phase of the migrated image and in turn on both the structural and quantitative interpretation. Join this webinar to learn how least-squares migration implemented in the image domain and depth domain inversion efficiently mitigate illumination effects, as demonstrated with synthetic and field data examples.

Webinar: 3D Seismic Illumination Challenges
Implement least-squares migration in the image domain and depth domain inversion

Laurence Pascaline Letki, Senior Area Geophysicist, joined WesternGeco in 2009 as a seismic engineer at the Gatwick UK data processing center. As a senior area geophysicist for the past three years, she is the product champion responsible for the testing, commercialization, and support of technologies including uncertainty analysis, rock physics, and depth domain inversion.